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We offer these security solutions:

  • Secure storage for valuables of any size
  • Complete anonymity
  • Personal service and convenience
  • Mail delivery, secure package delivery

Call Us! 214-357-6888

Do you have things you can't afford to lose? An heirloom ring? Your grandfather's coin collection? Important documents?

Inwood Security Vaults can put your mind at ease and keep your valuables safe in our private vaults at our secure facility. We have several box sizes available to suit your needs.

Inwood Security Vaults was established in 1981 and has no bank affiliation. Our facility has a garage that is large enough for a truck and provides complete privacy. Inwood Village offers a security service 24/7. All our storage areas are atmospherically controlled.

Located at:
5470 W. Lovers Ln.
Ste. 333
Dallas, TX 75209
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Mon-Fri 9-5PM
Sat 11-3PM