Private Vaults

vault doorFrom family heirlooms to silver and gold, private vaults at Inwood Security Vaults will keep your priceless pieces safe and secure. One of the best ways to guarantee the security of irreplaceable items is to house them in a secure, private vault with a trustworthy security company like Inwood.

For the past 30 years Inwood Security Vaults has offered the only one-of-a-kind private vaults in the Dallas, Texas community. We’ve never experienced a single incident of theft or damage. Our private vaults are equipped with a Halon fire retardant system and monitored by a highly sophisticated ADT security system.

Our private vaults provide several extra layers of security:

  • Our private vault facility was designed and constructed from the ground up as a vault.
  • The entire facility is protected by 5 layers of bullet-proof glass and man trap access through double secured doors.
  • The vault room is contained within steel reinforced concrete that is several feet thick.
  • The private vault doors are constructed of reinforced steel that is over a foot thick.
  • Private vaults require 2 security keys to open – yours and the master.

Private vaults are the best way only way to shield your precious items from weather and natural disaster.

For more information about our private vaults or availability, contact Inwood Security Vaults today at 214-357-6888.

Why House Your Valuables in Private Vaults?

Although in-home safes offer a basic level of security for your valuables, only private vaults at Inwood Security Vaults can offer total security and peace of mind.

Aside from theft, private vaults maintain valuables at a controlled temperature so sensitive items won’t warp or change over time. Because humidity levels can soar in the Dallas area, it’s imperative that items such as jewelry and paper items are protected from humidity levels.

Additionally, the private vaults at Inwood Security Vaults benefit from the facility’s air filtration system, which reduces and minimizes dust and debris from collecting and harming your important materials.

Our private vaults are built to banking specifications and can house items ranging from small pieces of jewelry and paperwork to larger items in our lockers and closets.

No other facility can deliver a temperature-controlled, secure environment for a wide variety of prized possessions like our private vaults.

Contact Inwood Security Vaults today for more information about our private vaults which include safe deposit boxes, cabinets, closets, and rooms. Call 214-357-6888 or visit us at 5470 W. Lovers Ln, Ste. 333, Dallas, Texas 75209.