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Our Story

James G. "Rip" Collins, our founder, saw the need to secure precious metals and other valuables when in the late 70's the Dallas-based Hunt brothers attempted to corner the market on silver.  Mr. Collins contacted 30 area banks and learned that all of them had waiting lists and none had boxes larger than the traditional small safe deposit boxes. He soon partnered with Will Caruth who owned Inwood Village and developed Caruth Security Vaults.  Architects and security specialists planned and built a large section of Inwood Village to be a private high security vault.

James G. Collins

Caruth Security Vaults opened their doors in 1981, within a few years they had become a major storage site for corporate backup data reels.  By law, businesses were required to store records off-site and conduct disaster recovery drills.  Caruth had a staff of 10 and a fleet of 3 delivery trucks that serviced clients 24/7.  Several years later, Collins purchased Will Caruth's interest in the vault and renamed it Inwood Security Vaults.

The disaster recovery program's protocol continued at Inwood Vaults.  Data storage transitioned from large reels to small discs.  As new business models evolved the second floor became unnecessary and was returned to the general use of Inwood Village.  The remainder of the vault has been providing safe and private security for our customers since 2004.

Inwood Security Vaults has endured the test of time, across the entire country only a few can compare. Built from the ground up the vault has 12 inch thick, steel reinforced concrete walls, floors and ceilings. Five layers of bullet proof glass across the lobby and an integrated security system are built directly into the framework of the vault itself. In addition to a temperature controlled atmosphere the vault also includes a Halon Fire Extinguishing System. As a result of updating and maintaining the latest security and safety features there has never been an incident at Inwood Security Vaults.