Inwood Security Vaults

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Private Vault Services

Always private.  Inwood Security Vaults provides the best in storage space for your prized possessions.  Whether you need long term storage or just a safe place to keep your valuables while on vacation, your property will get the privacy and security it deserves.

Secure Storage for Valuables of Any Size

Inwood Security Vaults was built from the ground up to be impenetrable.  This includes over a foot thick, steel reinforced concrete walls, floor and ceilings. From an heirloom ring to an original work of art, we provide box sizes ranging from 3'' x 5'' x 24'' to 31'' x 15'' x 24''.  Lockers and closets are available should you require larger safe space to store your valuables.  The only requirements to storing your personal belongings are; they are not illegal, hazardous, flammable, or any item that poses a health or environmental risk. 

Complete Privacy

Your information will always remain private. Access to your box will be controlled by possession of the key and a signature match with the account card you've completed upon registration. We do not keep electronic records, therefore your information remains private. Pay with cash or check to open an account.

Opened Safety Box

Secure Package Delivery

As a box holder your mail remains safe and secure with our assistance. For an additional $500 per year your mail can be delivered to Inwood Security Vaults, we will hold your package safe in the vault and notify you on its arrival. 

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